It's an interesting time right now with #me two, #times up and now backlash involving sexual assault accusations.  It's hard to tell sometimes if we're moving forward or falling backward in terms of our own mindsets.  If we look at the world in a way that recognizes humans rather than men & women you'd think we'd all be more enlightened.  But as we know that is certainly not the case.

There are those who think that's the direction we should be headed but aren't convinced that change has to happen overnight.  Then there are those who who would argue that overnight was over 100 years ago.  As far as gender equality is concerned there is a company in Michigan that ranks #1 in the world.  And would you believe it's General Motors!  That's according to the Global Report On Gender Equality released a week ago.  It certainly doesn't hurt that GM's CEO is Mary Barra but the success in this area goes far beyond just that.  Check out who got bumped from the top and other information by clicking HERE.

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