The recent warm temperatures is a good reminder that it is that time to get ice shanties off of the ice.   The Department of Natural Resources has also announced their removal dates for 2018.

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, if the warm weather isn't a reminder, ice shanties should be removed by midnight Thursday, March 1st.

The date is for counties in the Southern Lower Peninsula.  If you have a shanty in the Northern Lower Peninsula the date is for March 15th.

No matter what the date is it is suggested to remove shanties once the ice becomes unstable to support the structure.

Now if you decide not to remove your structure or it falls into the ice there are penalties.   You could be fined between $100 and $500 bucks and possibly serve jail time.  You may also have to reimburse the agency that removes it for you.

If the weather is stable enough to support a structure you can use them past the set removal date you must remove it each day.

Remember also to stay safe as the conditions change due to the warmer weather if you venture out on the ice.

For more details on shanty removal you can visit Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

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