Here's something that's been simmering for a while.  Alright, I won't "pun" my way through this.  Workers at so-called fast food restaurants are walking out today to protest low wages and, in fact, have set a wage they want to be paid at $15.00.  They're calling it "Fight For 15" and what was thought to be just a Detroit area event has spread across the state.

We are getting reports of some violence in some cities as a result of either workers aren't going to take it anymore or customers aren't happy with the level of service as you might imagine.  According to, it's not just walking out for a shift, it's also rallying and going door to door to alert the voting populous as to what is at stake in the coming election.  Looking at the job climate right now you would have to think they have some leverage.  First, wages have been steadily rising over the past year setting precedent.  Second, there isn't an unemployment problem in Michigan, there's an employment problem.  There are more jobs than employees to fill them.  Get more of the story by clicking HERE.

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