Vernors is inconsolable. In a completely non-scientific poll, another Michigan brand was named most popular. No other state in the country agreed.

As you might guess, beer is a big winner. Conde Nast Traveler asked 50 seemingly random people about each state's best drink of choice and 48% were thirsty for an ice cold brew. Sweet tea may be the second most popular answer with 14% of the vote.

Faygo is a unique Michigan favorite. No other state chose it as the liquid they love. Some, in fact, talked about "soda." Infidels! Skip ahead to :37 in the video below to see the Michigander authoritatively answer the question, "I would say it's Faygo. Pop. It was made in Michigan and we have flavors, like 'red.'" (FYI: Faygo has over 50 flavors.)

Beer lovers range all across this great land with the guy from Wisconsin firmly replying "Beer, absolutely," to the question of his state's best beverage. Maine, Wyoming, Kansas, California, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Iowa, Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Maine were all beer-lovers. Delaware named local favorite Dogfish Head and Yuengling was chosen by the representative from Pennsylvania. (No love for Rolling Rock?) Missouri is behind local favorite Budweiser, while Vermont chose the generic "craft beer." Microbrew was also #1 in Montana while the guy from New Hampshire said "some terrible IPA," and Alaska wants "anything with alcohol."

Southern states like Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Virginia, Alabama, and North and South Carolina cannot live without their sweet tea. Is that a Faygo flavor? It ought to be. More people should know about this Michigan favorite outside the Mitten.

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