Have you noticed there are fewer fireflies now then there were when you were a child and used to catch them in a jar? The insects are slowly dying across Michigan and the nation.

There are several reason why, and a few things you can do to improve their outlook.

According to firefly.org there are a variety of reasons for the disappearance of lightening bugs: light pollution and loss of habitat.

Fireflies, "as they grow, they more or less stay where they were born." So if their habitat changes from development, the flies struggle to move to new, unspoiled ground.

The flashing of the firefly's light is all about mating rituals. So,

light from homes, cars, stores, and streetlights may all make it difficult for fireflies to signal each other during mating—meaning fewer firefly larvae are born next season.

If you want to continue to enjoy fireflies, try turning off outdoor lights at night and be okay with an old log rotting in your yard to give the little bugs a habitat.

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