Sometimes I wonder why we keep having to pat ourselves on the back.  We live here, we like it here, we think people should move here and we don't want to leave here.  Yet we have a bit of a chip on our shoulder because of things that happen in places like Flint that outsiders like to use as a blanket for the rest of the state.  And then there's Detroit that used to have a pretty good reputation but, in the past several years, has almost taken on the position that Cleveland used to have.

Well I think Detroit still has a lot going for it and I also believe that the "D" is going to rise from the blight and return to greatness.  According to the Free Press, another positive has been discovered to help in the right direction.  Quicken Loans did a study that determined Detroit has the second-most affordable housing market in the country.  Only Ft. Wayne has more affordable housing but who in the hell wants to live in Ft. Wayne!!!  Get the rest of the stats and the full list by clicking HERE.

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