Whether you're a believer in climate change and global warming, or not, you have to admit, recent years in Michigan have been quite warm. Last year, Michigan sent a number of heat records, and this summer is shaping up to do the same as well.

In fact, the first week of true summer in Michigan is almost here, and already, we're preparing for sweltering temperatures, and administering heat advisories for much of the state.

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Not many people are still alive today who remember the heat wave of 1936, which gave Michigan record warm temperatures, and many of those records still stand to this day. Mio hit 112 degrees on July 13th, and nearly the entire state - including the Upper Peninsula - saw full weeks where the temperature broke triple digits.

While we're not looking at temperatures QUITE that high just yet, Michigan is predicted to have one its warmest summers on record this year, and already, the heat advisories are starting to come out.

The Mid Michigan Extreme Weather facebook account said in a post they were keeping an eye on a potential for minor, all the way up to extreme head advisory conditions on Thursday, and will be looking to next week - the official start of summer - for even warmer conditions.

The National Weather Service in Grand Rapids is preparing Michiganders for the heat by alerting them to temperatures potentially reaching into the mid 90s, in combination with high humidity from the Great Lakes.

When put together, heat indexes could reach well into the 100s, and begin causing adverse effects to any long-term exposure to the elements.

So how is summer going to treat us this year? Well, we're off to a hot start, I'd say.

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