At age 27, Anthony Zettel is not really a kid, but for the community of West Branch Michigan he is THEIR kid.

Zettle stands 6 foot 4, wears the number 92 and is a defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers. He will be playing in his first Super Bowl on Sunday and most of the state of Michigan will be cheering him on.

Zettel has had quite the journey to get to the Super Bowl. The West Branch native is now on his fourth roster since being drafted by the Lions back in 2016. He joined the 49ers in the middle of the season and has played in two playoff games for San Francisco. The other teams he played for are the Browns, Bengals, and Lions.

According to misportsnow, Zettel's former High School Athletic Director said "It’s great experience for the community, for this school, for everyone involved." In the article, he went on to say that "win, lose or draw, the result of the game on Sunday, he is still a hometown hero."

Good luck this Sunday, Anthony!

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