I'm just going to get it out of the way right now... Dogs on driver's laps is one of my PET PEEVES.  First of all, who thinks that an animal on your lap while driving doesn't bring danger into play?  We've already got phones and dash screens to distract us.  Now you want an animal that could freak out at any moment right in the middle of your vehicle operation?  Just having your dog in the car somewhere can be distracting.  And what about the dog's safety?  What's going to happen if the airbag engages?  Or doesn't?  That seems to be putting your pet at risk.

In an article on wzzm13onyourside.com, a state lawmaker wants to make driving with a dog on your lap illegal except for medical purposes.  Although I'm not sure what that purpose would be.  According to a national survey, nearly 40% of dog owners travel with their pet at one time or another every year.  What do you think?


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