Unfortunately for him it was the wrong kind of ice.

It Was A Misguided Attempt To Hide His Drugs

A 54-year-old guy in northern Michigan named Victor McMillan got pulled over on the highway last week. It was just east of Traverse City in a town called Bagley.

McMillan was drinking a Coca-Cola in a McDonald's cup when the police got to the car window. One alert officer noticed the 'ice' floating on the top of the Coke didn't look right, so he asked to see the cup.

McMillan obliged, and the policeman was able to discern something not right about the contents of the cup. You see, the ice wasn't ice as in frozen water, but rather 'ice', the slang term for methamphetamines.

Like Father, Like Son: It Turns Out The Other Passenger Was His Son

There are lots of ways to bond with your son.  But doing hard DRUGS together probably isn't the best call.

They apparently panicked when they got pulled over, and dumped their bag of meth in the soda.  But they either didn't realize it would float, or thought it would dissolve.

The cop found the empty bag on the floor of their car.  And the stuff in their soda tested positive for methamphetamine.

They both got arrested for drugs, and they're due back in court tomorrow.

Top 5 Signs You're Almost as Bad of a Parent as the Dad Busted for Meth with His Son.

You taught your daughter the f-bomb because you think a cursing three-year-old is funny.  Which, admittedly, it is.

You tied a red balloon to your daughter's doorknob and told her the clown from "It" will get her if she leaves her room after bedtime.

You took the batteries from your son's smoke alarm for the TV remote.

To ease your kid's expectations at Christmas, you told him that Santa's dead.

Your daughter knows to leave mommy alone when it's "wine o'clock."


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