Nobody likes cold pizza. Actually, I guess that's not true because I occasionally hear of someone saying that they like to eat cold pizza for breakfast. Maybe it's more accurate to say, "Nobody likes cold pizza for dinner."

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But regardless of your opinion - and regardless of your (arguably strong) opinion of pineapple on pizza - domestic violence is never acceptable. Never.

What Are the Details?

Police in Gaylord responded to a domestic violence call in Otsego Lake Township on Saturday (2/12), finding a man wearing only underwear and a woman holding a baby outside their residence. Officers said the man appeared to be intoxicated.

The woman explained to Michigan State Police officers that her husband had been drinking that day. She left the residence to get a pizza for dinner and returned home to find the man asleep.

When he awoke much later, the pizza was cold, which she says was the reason for the attempted assault.

The man threatened to shoot one of the couple's dogs and locked his wife, baby, and one other dog in the baby's bedroom.

The woman called 911 and when police arrived the dogs' barking distracted the man, which allowed her to leave the bedroom.

Man Faces a Laundry List of Charges

According to MI Headlines, 30-year-old Ross Spreeman was arrested and has been lodged in the Otsego County Jail.

Spreeman now faces multiple charges:

  • One count Unlawful Imprisonment
  • One count Assault with a Dangerous Weapon
  • One count Possession of a Firearm while Intoxicated
  • One count Domestic Violence

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