This may be the most Midwestern thing I've seen on Tiktok.

Recently, I came across a video from Old Time Hawkey, or @oldtimehawkey on Tiktok, where he demonstrates how he cooks a meal in the middle of the woods. Scrolling through his account, he seems to have several of these videos where he's cooking in the woods. They're actually, surprisingly, very relaxing and often tagged as "ASMR".

However, the video I'm referring to just screamed pure Michigan. The meal in question featured Cool Ranch Dorito crusted chicken tenders paired, of course, with a nice can of Vernors:

Michigan Man Makes the Perfect Midwest Meal in the Middle of the Woods

It doesn't get more Midwestern than this. Cool Ranch Dorito crusted chicken tenders, a can of Vernors, all enjoyed and made in the middle of the woods.

All of that cooked over an open flame in the middle of the woods. And it looks delicious.

For those who want to attempt to cook the meal in their indoor kitchen instead of, you know, the woods, Old Time Hawkey gave a quick recipe:

Start with cool ranch Doritos, crush them, brush chicken tenders w/Mayo. Bake 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes

That seems simple enough. See the full video below:

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Old Time Hawkey definitely seems to have found his niche. His latest video features a shrimp shishkabob, again, cooked in the woods:

The cold winter months don't stop him either:

For those looking for even more outdoor meal ideas, you can also check out Old Time Hawkey's Youtube channel.

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