They say the two things that are guaranteed in life are death and taxes but as a Michigander, another thing that is guaranteed for us is that we will continue to pay outrageous amounts for our cow insurance. Understanding that car insurance is crucial to protecting you and others, it seems that the table is slanted when it comes to Michigan.

So it doesn’t come as a total shocker to find out that the state of Michigan has the most expensive car insurance rate in the entire nation, according to a recent survey and study that uses data from Quadrant Information Services. The MarketWatch guides team ranked each state from lowest to highest insurance rates. Here’s what they found from the data.

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  • Michigan pays $3,643 per year on car insurance, an 81% difference from the national average.

  • Car insurance costs decrease as drivers age, most notably after a driver has reached 21 years of age.

  • Progressive Insurance costs the most ($2,030 /year) on average, while USAA ($1,512/year) costs the least.

  • Speeding tickets, DUIs, and at-fault accidents increase your rate. DUIs raise your rate the most.

How To Get Lower Car Insurance Rates In Michigan

MarketWatch Guides Expert David Straughan elaborated on ways to try and get the best rate possible in Michigan:

Michigan is infamous for its sky-high auto insurance rates and has consistently had among the most expensive coverage in the country. The first and most important way to find lower rates is to compare quotes from several insurers to see who offers you the lowest price. No matter what else you do, you should do that as well.

Even if you have an older car, rates can be low, but that's the risk of driving with a vehicle that could croak at any moment. Newer cars will always have higher rates, so it's important to keep your car in great condition.

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