The old saying goes that if you do the crime, you do the time, but some people, they can’t handle the thought of doing the time for the crime that they committed so they make the attempt, and sometimes are even successful in fleeing imprisonment, and become a fugitive of the law.

For decades, there are some people in Michigan who have evaded the police and are still at large and considered to be dangerous. Some are more dangerous than others, which is why the Michigan Department of Corrections has put together a list of the top fugitives in the state going back to the 70s and as early as the 2000s.

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What Is An Escapee?

A prisoner who escaped from a prison, a minimum security camp, the Special Alternative Incarceration (bootcamp) Program, a Technical Rule Violation center, a corrections center or who broke their electronic tether. In addition, prisoners who escape from a non-Michigan Department of Corrections location, such as from a county jail while out of prison on a writ, are also included.

The individuals shown below should be considered dangerous and possibly armed. Do not attempt to apprehend. Immediately contact the Michigan Department of Corrections using the 'Send Tip' links below. It is also recommended that you contact the corresponding local law enforcement agency

These Are Michigan's Most Wanted Escapee Fugitives

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