We've brought you plenty of people, places and things about this amazing state of ours and the accolades keep on coming.  This month alone Michigan and S.W. Michigan have been nationally recognized for having one of America's best unspoiled places to visit, one of the country's best places to hike, Kalamazoo has one of the 7 best coffee shops in the world, and New Buffalo is one of the top budget-friendly vacation destinations.

Now, according to msn.com, Mackinac Island has been honored with one of the best must-attend festivals in the nation.  We're talking about the Lilac Festival June 7-16 featuring 10 days of zany stuff like the coronation of the Lilac Queen and a dog & pony parade.  It's really no surprise that Mackinac Island is, once again, the subject of a great destination honor as it has already been designated as one of the best vacation spots in the country.  Get more information on all the Lilac fun by clicking HERE.




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