While it may not be popular every once in a while, I have an opinion piece I like to do because I wake up at three in the morning to go to work and write interesting, locally, focused articles that will engage readers from Michigan. This article, however, is more targeted towards landlords or property owners in the hopes that maybe they will consider changing the way they view animals when it comes to renting.

There are so many rental units that I see regularly that are insanely overpriced for such a bland space. A recent post in a Traverse City group pretty much fueled this. It’s common knowledge that kids will be kids and in turn, may cause a lot of accidents to happen inside of a home. This is no different than a dog or a cat, which can be cleaned up.

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Can A Landlord Deny Normal Pets To Renters?

So many of these apartments and listings that I see Always have the same thing no smoking or vaping, which is fine, and no cats or dogs. The listing will say that no pets are allowed, which I think at this time in the economy is ridiculous.

I’m telling you as someone who is almost entering their 40s that nobody is having kids out here, nobody can afford to have kids out here, and if you can, they aren't renting. The best thing we will ever get is our furry friends, who will cause as much, if not less damage than a child.

Is It Illegal To Deny Renters With Children?

Now, by no means, am I saying we should make it legal for landlords to deny renters with children the ability to rent with them, as that is Protected in the Fair Housing Act.

Are Normal Pets Protected Under the Fair Housing Act?

What I am saying is it is time to add pets to the Fair Housing Act as well, without additional payment. Now this does not affect anybody with an emotional support animal or service animal, as they two are protected under the FHA. But, ask any dog owner, if are they not a means of emotional support whether or not you have a $40 piece of paper for it.

I think it’s time we do away with pet fees and we do away with acting like pets act like the Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil. If you’re going to overcharge me to live where I’m living, you don’t need the extra $25 for my cat that sleeps 80% of the day. People need to quit money gouging and accept that animals like dogs and cats are part of someone’s family.

Now, if the homeowner is negligent and that cat or dog causes severe damage, that can easily be taken out of the security deposit. People should always be responsible for their pets, no matter what they are considered, because this, by no means, is an opinion for a free ride for them.

There are a lot of bad pet owners just as much as there are a lot of bad parents. I just think animals get a bad rap, and we need to act logically when it comes to considering them for a rental.

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