Ah, radio…

Something we all grew up with, no matter who you are or how old you might be.

From radio’s early days – from a two-bit transmitter in an old shack or basement, to broadcasting in massive studios in front of an audience with a full orchestra, to turntable deejays playin’ Rock ‘n Roll, to internet radio. We all grew up with it.

Some of us had parents who forbade us to listen to that “demon music” but we did behind their backs anyway.

Radio stations became known for silly stunts, their own Top 40 lists, deejays that yelled at you though the airwaves, concert ticket giveaways, music stars coming into the stations…..there seemed to be nothing that radio couldn’t do. And it seems to still be doing it.

Over the years listeners have collected radio memorabilia that have become cherished memories. Below is a gallery of items and personalities from Michigan radio stations that will take you back to those “golden days of radio yesteryear”.

Take a look in your attic…or basement…or storage unit…or scrapbook…you may find some radio memorabilia you completely forgot about. If not, then scroll down and enjoy the gallery below!


Michigan's Rock 'n Roll Garage Bands, 1960s

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Hospital Where Michael Jackson Was Born


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