Here’s the second gallery of Michigan garage bands from the 60s – with maybe a couple 70s thrown in for good measure.

I was in one of the bands depicted below…one of the bands that did not make it big, even for a short time. These are the bands I want to know more about: the flash-in-the-pans, the ones that lasted a few years before burning out…or when they graduated high school and went their separate ways.

My band lasted four years and I look back fondly at the times we had. Yeah, we played the usual gigs: mostly high school dances, summer vacation dances, little out-of-the-way places in small towns, and some clubs. If you or someone you know was in one of those bands, send pictures so I can add them to a future gallery!

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I learned about sleazy promoters and crooked band managers. Our manager was fine, but others we came in contact with screwed us out of payment. We played a gig at a club, sharing time with another band. After it was over, this jerk made sure all the collected admissions were given to their group – we got zilch.

I learned that some ‘Battle of the Bands’ competitions were fixed. How? The girlfriends of another group just ‘happened’ to be judges…guess where all the votes went?

I learned to get paid upfront – otherwise, the promoter will sneak out while you’re performing and never come back to pay.

I learned that any money you actually DO make all goes to equipment upkeep. You rarely get to keep any.

I learned that people think you do drugs, just because you’re in a band and have longer-than-usual hair. My aunt tried to pull that one on me.

I learned that lead guitarists and drummers don’t always get along.

I learned that members of other bands who perform at mixed-group gigs believe they play perfect and sing on-key…therefore, why fraternize with the others? By the way, being all high school kids, most of us usually sounded terrible anyway.

I learned about band groupies… my first kiss at a high school gig from some band groupie who was hangin’ all over the front of the stage as we played. She ended up leaving the dance with some other guy.

Before you take a look at the gallery, there’s one more thing:
I learned – in retrospect – it was one of the best times of my life and I’m grateful I had the experience to be one of Michigan’s ‘garage boys’. It was wonderful.

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