Legal home delivery of recreational marijuana is about to become a reality in Michigan as three businesses are given approval; one in Battle Creek.

Recreational marijuana is becoming a lucrative business for Michigan. Demand, so far, has outpaced availability as many businesses work through the legal hoops to gain proper licensing.

The Michigan Regulatory Agency reports that sales from December 1 through December 29, 2019 brought in as follows:

  • $6,478,116 in total adult-use sales (recreational marijuana)
  • $647,812 in excise tax
  • $427,556 in sales tax
  • $1,075,367 in combined excise and sales taxes

Now three Michigan businesses have been given the green light to start delivering their products to the homes of their customers. Those businesses are Battle Creek Provisioning in Battle Creek, Lit Provisionary in Evart and Nature's Releaf Burton in Burton.

Customers must be at least 21-years-old to use the service and have a valid ID. There is a limit of two and a half ounces per order. Drivers will also have to be 21 or older, and will only be able to carry enough recreational marijuana to make around six stops at a time.

So far the State of Michigan has approximately 26 retail stores that can sell recreational marijuana.

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