Online gambling in Michigan is off to a very good start.

Michigan legalized online gambling and sports betting on January 22nd, and in the first 9 days Michiganders wagered over $115 Million! From the start on the 22nd, to the 31st, the money was pouring through the various betting portals. The crazy part about those numbers, is that they don't include any of the betting that went toward the Super Bowl.

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The numbers reported from the Michigan Gaming Control Board only reflect the first 9 days of online gambling. I'm guessing that when the Super Bowl bets are factored into the mix, that number will go up A LOT!

I don't think anyone is surprised by the amount of money that is being bet in Michigan. Everyone has been anxious for online betting to become legal, and many people had already signed up for some kind of betting account before the official date. When you add in the fact that everyone has been stuck at home during the pandemic, it was a perfect storm.

I think that the number will double at least over the next couple of months with the major sporting events happening. The Super Bowl bets alone will probably be more than the initial $115 Million. I know that I put more than a few dollars on the game. There won't be much of a lull in the action either with March Madness coming up in a few weeks.

Just like the legal Marijuana business exploded in Michigan, the online gambling business is going to be a huge money maker. I've been primarily betting using the BetMGM app, and so far it's been a profitable way to pass the time.

I need to point out though that you need to use caution when betting. Michigan has many resources set up to help if you fear that you may have a gambling addiction. If you need help you can always call the gambling addiction help line at 800-270-7117, or get a list of online help resources here.


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