When it comes to the rules of the road in Michigan, Michiganders have a tendency to create their own. With the combined forces of one-way roads, construction season, icy road conditions, etc. driving in Southwest Michigan can sometimes be confusing and risky with the fast-paced speed of local drivers. With all of the confusion, what are some road rules and regulations that are actually legal, when everyone thinks they shouldn’t be? 

Driving Barefoot  

Considering there is no law depicting a dress code required while operating a vehicle, driving barefoot has become a widely known myth across states and generations. This also means that driving with open toed shoes isn’t illegal, but let’s be honest, we’ve all had a sandal perfectly slide under a pedal at least once - right?

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Turning Left on Red  

Right on red? Sure, it makes sense. Left on red? Sounds like an accident waiting to happen, especially on Kalamazoo roads. However, according to Michigan law 257.612 it is legal to turn left on red under the following circumstances: you made the appropriate stop, you are turning from a one-way or two-way street onto a ONE-WAY road and only if the traffic of that one-way is going the direction of the turn. 


Children on Motorcycles 

While there is no law saying children can’t be passengers on motorcycles, there is a restriction by size according to law 257.658a. As long as a person's feet can rest on the assigned foot rests, unless there is a permanent physical disability stopping them, they can legally be a passenger on a motorcycle. Even though they would be passengers, thinking of tiny humans on a bike that teeters by weight and body position and can reach well above 100 mph is quite terrifying.  

Tail Light or Tail Lamp  

Enacted in 1949, I’d consider this law to be quite outdated. Yet, Michigan has not set a new subsection to adjust this law since; does that mean everyone has been breaking the law since then? Michigan law 257.686 states every car is required to have a red LAMP in the back, but with modernization comes the electric red light. Do brakes replace the lamp in this Michigan law?

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