What is the one thing that could possibly be the most important part of a Michigan roadtrip? Your vehicle? A destination? Your travel partner?

Yeah, all those things are vital, but for most of us who love to roadtrip, 50-60% of the enjoyment are all the little roadside stops you come across.

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When I say ‘roadside stops’, I mean ALL ‘roadside stops’ – rest areas, party stores for road munchies, souvenir shops, gas stations for fresh coffee, little cafés, roadside motels, oddities…you know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout.

The journey, exploring unfamiliar countryside & villages, and scenery are all well & good – but without these little roadside stops, let’s face it – it wouldn’t be as much fun. I LOVE stopping at these places! You find little things that you either didn’t know existed or are hard-to-find: like rare foods, soda pops & candies…oddball souvenirs…historic artifacts…all these make my roadtrips all the more enjoyable.

Our ancestors and frontiersmen only had the wilderness to hack through, mud, bugs, bad weather, had to poop in the woods…no roadside stops for them. So yeah, maybe we are somewhat spoiled…but at the same time, I’m glad we have these little roadtrip oasises.

Take a look below at 150 photos showing some old Michigan roadside stops!



All photos are available at worthpoint.com

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