Now, this is a very interesting story that I never thought of in the past.  What would happen if a band that had a huge hit in the ’90s, lead singer were to go on stage at a local bar’s Karaoke night and sing that huge hit?  That is what happened to Brian Vander Ark, a singer and songwriter for the band The Verve Pipe and their hit 90’s song named “The Freshman”.  Brian grew up in Grand Rapids Michigan but it is unclear from the reporting what bar it occurred at.

Just last week on March 11th Brain tweeted out the following:

“I LOVE it when they have no idea…And they had NO idea”.  Now that is hilarious.  I would assume if you did not follow the band you probably would not be able to tell.  There are some very recognizable lead singers many of us would know but most 20 something years later probably not.

If you look at the above video you can tell that no one knew it was him, even the guy running the Karaoke night.  That is classic!

When I say that song was big, I mean it.   The song was from The Verve Pipe’s second studio album called Villains. “The Freshmen,” currently has over 23-million YouTube views to date.  The song peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 and helped their Villains album earn Platinum status, meaning the album sold over 1 million copies, in fact, it has sold over 3 million copies.

Here is the official music video of the song.

Michigan's Rock 'n Roll Garage Bands, 1960s

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