At this rate, all Michigan roads should be in perfect shape in no time, right?

Michigan cannabis consumers smoked up a storm in July, breaking yet another state record. Recreational pot sales topped $128 million while medical use marijuana racked up $43 million in sales. (That's a total of $171 million, for those of you too stoned to do the math.)

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In the month of July alone, marijuana sales in Michigan generated about $23 million in tax revenue, to be used for Michigan roads, schools, and other infrastructure projects. About $10 million of that is from sales tax.

According to Marijuana Moment, several states where the use of recreational marijuana is legal have seen an increase in sales during the Coronavirus pandemic. Michigan, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington State all noted that sales have increased faster during the pandemic than during the previous two years.

Andrew Brisbo, Executive Director of Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency, called it a 'record' month.

Grant Money to Help PTSD

Earlier this week, officials in Michigan gave the green light to allocate about $20 million to two research projects that will study the therapeutic benefits of using to cannabis to treat military personnel suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Last week, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel ruled that the legal use of marijuana should not disqualify Michigan residents from receiving unemployment benefits.


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