Burger King had a rough month across the country, and especially in Detroit, where more than 400 workers were laid off after dozens of stores closed. There's honestly not a worse feeling in the world, coming in to work, and the door being locked.

How are you gonna make money now? How are you gonna pay your bills? Well... naturally, you turn to selling weed. But we promise, this is entirely legal, and it's actually a pretty cool move by a Cannabis company out of California.

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STIIIZY, they wanted to help.

Everyone wants to talk about how "big and scary" the marijuana industry is, and its influence on younger generations. But literally, in this case, it's HELPING younger generations, who were laid off due to a bad business model of a massive corporation, and stepping in to help.

In March, Burger King announced they would be closing 26 of its restaurants in Michigan. Ryan Judndt, who is a managing partner with STIIIZY said in a statement, he wants their loss, to be STIIIZY's gain.

"It's unfortunate that Burger King pulled the rug out from under 430 good men and women, but I want their lost to be STIIIZY's gain. We are ready to put all of these folks to work."



But how does it pay, in comparison to "just flipping burgers?"

Much better. STIIIZY newly-hired employees make around $16 an hour, which is $2 more than the average Burger King employee across the country. For some, it will be a SIGNIFICANT raise.

STIIIZY is a unique entity in and of themselves. They're very centrally located in California, but have three shops across the state, including Ferndale, Kalamazoo, and - most recently - a Battle Creek location.

In addition to being a distributor of marijuana, the company positions itself as a lifestyle brand. The name "STIIIZY" is allegedly a combination of "Style" and "Easy."

And according to Forbes Magazine, they take in about $300 million revenue annually. So they aren't hurting one bit, and look to be expanding off the backs of giants.

"They would be going from burgers to blunts and joints."

Legally, of course.

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