Just finished watching 30 Minutes Or Less on TV and I forgot how funny that movie really was. I also enjoyed watching for all the famous Grand Rapids landmarks during the movie. The Taco Boy scene is my favorite because I use to stop by that place all the time on my way to work.

That got me to thinking about why we don't see Hollywood in Michigan any longer. I realize at one time the tax incentives for Hollywood companies was lucrative...maybe too lucrative, but at that time we were deep into a financial crisis here in Michigan. I just see no reason why we had to go cold turkey and shut off the incentive tap completely.

Some in the film industry are being optimistic on tax incentives returning to Michigan.


“I’m optimistic the incentives will come back in some way, especially if the focus is on making sure that the incentives create jobs for people who live in Michigan,” said Roger Rapoport, who runs Glenside Productions in Muskegon. - Detroit Free Press


A lot of states offer incentives to Hollywood to come to their state to film (they just don't offer 47% like Michigan did) so why couldn't we offer at least some incentive? Maybe an incentive rate that's competitive against the rest of the states in the country. Wouldn't it be great to see movies filmed here in Michigan again?


In the meantime, here's a few of the top movies filmed in Michigan:

How many of these films have you seen?

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