Jackie Chan, by now, is a well-known name in the cinematic industry. But, did you ever see his first U.S. movie, Battle Creek Brawl? And, was it based in Southwest Michigan?

Hong Kong-born, Jackie Chan, has been involved in the acting world since the 1970s. However, his first movie filmed in America didn't come about until 1980. It was the, unfortunately, unsuccessful film Battle Creek Brawl.

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Battle Creek Brawl takes place in the 1930s, according to Amazon's description, and tells the story of a young Jerry Kwan (played by Jackie Chan) whose life is turned upside down when the head of a mob syndicate kidnaps his brother's fiance to save her. Kwan is then forced to enter a hellish combat tournament known as the Battle Creek Brawl. Check out the trailer:

You've gotta love the 80s, right? From the trailer alone, you would have no idea what the movie is about other than...there's a lot of fighting overlayed with over-the-top sound effects. Oh, and a roller-skating race of some kind. Honestly, I'm here for it.

So, Was This Set In or Based on SW Michigan's Battle Creek?

Unfortunately, no. Although, that would be a fun historical fact. The Battle Creek Brawl in question took place in Texas. However, when the movie first opens, Jerry Kwan is living in Chicago so...close enough?

While Battle Creek Brawl (also known as The Big Brawl) was relatively disappointing in the American box office, it did go on to do well in other Asian and European markets.

Since then, Jackie Chan went on to star in a number of very successful American films that will probably leave most Millennials feeling nostalgic. Movies like the Rush Hour series, Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights, Tuxedo, and Around the World in 80 Days just to name a few. Recently, however, he seems to be taking time off the screen and, instead, focusing on behind the scenes. And, enjoying the Winter Olympics when he has time:

See his full list of movies, both as an actor and producer, and all upcoming projects here.

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