It seems every year my wife Karla and I think the color change is late.  Is it late this year?  We always try to remember what factors come into play.  If the temperatures are too warm the leaves don't turn as fast right?  Or is it the other way around?  Either way we never take for granted how beautiful Fall is in Michigan and take every opportunity to enjoy it while it lasts.

What we probably don't realize is how envious the rest of the country is of our Fall colors.  Even the states close by aren't in the same class as we are.  Of course, that's the case in more ways than one.  Now, according to, USA Today's famous "10 Best" has revealed that readers across the nation have chosen the U.P. has the best destination in America for Fall foliage.  But then, we already new that.  Check out who's ass we kicked and the rest of the story by clicking HERE.


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