Why didn't they think of this idea years ago.  I think this is something that could really be a big draw for years to come.  Many of the state parks are nice enough but, unless you've got some kind of boat, there's little else to do in the water except swim.

According to our friends at the Free Press, 3 Michigan State Parks are going to have elaborate water playgrounds set up for young and old alike.  We're talking some pretty substantial inflatables to slide on, slide down, jump on and jump off.  Not only is this a really cool idea, they've got some really cool names like Jump Island, Water Warrior Island and The Whoa Zone. 

So that's the good news.  The bad news is none of the 3 are close or even on this side of the state.  What I would like to see is one or more of our county parks put something like this in.  Check out what these Water Playgrounds are all about by clicking HERE.

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