Last weekend, a lady driving a van on I-75, near Houghton Lake, flipped her van after being distracted by her German Shepherd jumping up on the dashboard to BARK AT THE WIPERS. According to the Free Press, one of her passengers received minor injuries and the German Shepherd (I knew you were wondering) is fine.

But the Michigan State Police would prefer if you keep your German Shepherd off your dashboard and properly restrained. It's a big enough problem that some places are making it illegal to travel with a pet on your lap, since it's a distraction to your driving.

My wife's car has one of those cages in the back so our German Shepherd, Axel, can't get up front with us. We love him, but he's a horrible driver. And he'll lay down after the first couple of miles, but I think that's because he's mad that we won't let him drive.

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