You can fight this, but you'll lose.

According to ClickOnDetroit, things are about to change for Michigan drivers who regularly talk on their phones, while driving. Bad news if you don't have your phone setup to go hands-free. Good news if you've ever been behind somebody on the road who's swerving because they've got a phone in their hand.  A bill is at the committee stage in downtown Lansing, at the Capital building, that would require you to be hands-free if you're on the phone while driving. There may be a provision for people to call on hand-held cell-phones during an emergency.

Getting caught would mean a fine. Right now the proposed fine is $100 the first time and $250 the second time you're caught. Looks like this bill has plenty of support, so it'll probably be law, soon.

I think it's about time. And it might be a good excuse to get a new phone - or car.


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