SOME Michigan public schools have a problem these days. Students who don't like what's on the menu at lunch are ordering food to be delivered by pizza shops, GrubHub and UberEats. And a lot of schools have started banning the practice.

(Full disclosure: if this option had existed when I was in school, I would've totally done it. But the Pony Express wasn't that customer friendly.)

According to the Detroit Free Press, the online food ordering is causing problems that I wouldn't have thought of. Like delivery people crowding up a school's office. Not to mention strangers coming into a school with large bags, so you have a security concern. And a major disruption of the office. Pat Watson, principal at West Bloomfield High School said, "It was getting to the point where you'd have eight, 10, 15 deliveries a day". That's 10 or 15 deliveries and 10 or 15 kids coming to get their food.

Not only are the high school kids doing this, but, in some cases pizza is being ordered by parents of grade school kids to be delivered to their little fussy eaters. Because (I'm assuming) it's easier than keeping up with a lunch money account or packing a lunch.

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