We can go back and forth all day on what we think the greatest pizza is in terms of style. For some the rustic, classic Italian made is the best, however, New Yorkers will tell you they are the only real pizza.

There seems to be a heavy rivalry between the large thin Slices of New York compared to the casserole style deep dish, pizzas of Chicago, but in between rests Michigan, which is famous for the Detroit style pizza which I personally feel is the best kind of pizza out there it’s not quite Chicago and it’s got its own style and unique flavor, which was recently brought in front of the YouTube channel Tribal People Try.
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The foreign group of gentlemen react to weird things and food on the Internet. In one of their most recent uploads, the gentleman tried Detroit-style pizza for the very first time, and their reactions pretty much say it all:

I have tried a variety of round shaped pizzas already however, its taste is entirely unique from all other pizzas. Unlike other hard pizzas this is very soft pizza like some pillow. I think it is made for some tea party of friends, because a single person cannot finish it alone.

If there are other Michigan-based products you'd like to see these guys try for the first time, they list akramakbar2003@gmail.com as the contact to get ahold of them. Maybe we can send them over some, Kellogg's cereal, Faygo, and some Vernors.

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