Well, the world is a much sadder place - at least in Kalamazoo - as another business has announced they are closing.

Wednesday night, Godfather's Pizza in Kalamazoo posted that they would be closing their doors for good, after the death of their owner. They have also given a final date to be open, and a full response from the family.

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The post was made just after 5 o'clock Wednesday night on their social media pages.

To All our Special Customers at Godfather's Pizza

"With great sadness, we must announce that due to the death of the owner, Richard Johnson, the family has made the hard decision to close operations at Godfather's Pizza, located at 3815 E. Cork St; Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Our last day to serve our valued customers will be Sunday, December 10th, 2023.
It has been a privilege to serve the best pizza for the last 34 years. We have met so many special people over the years. We have so many memories that we will treasure forever. We hope you will find another pizza restaurant to sere your needs.
Much Love,
The Johnson Family"

This is some seriously sad news. The business has been open for 34 years, and obviously, our thoughts are going out to the Johnson family as well, following the death of Richard, the restaurant's owner.

I can remember being raised on Godfather's by my grandfather. With all the other options out there, his go-to was always "The Don" or a "Super Combo," and I always appreciated those moments of chowin' down on some pizza with my grandfather.

Godfather's has a pretty special place in my heart, so this certainly hurts a little, but obviously we understand.

RIP to the Godfather.

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