We’ve said time and time again how pizza is probably the best food to ever be invented. I’ve always been curious how pizza got its start, and how the first person ever made one probably cried after tasting it for the first time. There are so many good pizza places that have gained so much popularity that they’ve gone national.

When you look at Michigan, Little Caesars Pizza is one that directly comes to mind, having expanded outside of Michigan and spread throughout the Midwest. But even in Michigan, there are places like Jets and Buddy's Pizza that are growing in popularity throughout the state and region.

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In a recent report, 24/7 Wall St. named Buddy’s Pizza as a local favorite that deserves to go national. But Ohio is home to two pizzerias that they say are so good they deserve to go national. The pizzerias are Gionino’s and LaRosa’s. Here’s what they said:

Gionino’s Pizzeria

With about 50 locations around northeastern Ohio, Gionino’s has won fans all over the area for its steak pizza with white sauce, spinach-laden Popeye Pizza, G-Mac-N-Cheese Pizza (white cheddar macaroni and cheese topped with provolone), white pizza with banana peppers and black olives, and more.

LaRosa’s Pizzeria

Born in Cincinnati in 1954, LaRosa’s now operates about 50 pizzerias in and around that city, with more in neighboring Kentucky and Indiana. An early customer favorite, off the menu for some time but now available again, is the Original Deluxe, topped with LaRosa’s own pizza sauce, provolone, pepperoni, sausage, ground beef, green peppers, and red onions. Focaccia and flatbread variations on pizza themes are also on the menu.

What other Ohio Pizzerias are worthy of going national in your opinion?

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