It seems like we write an article about pizza every day, but when you think of how amazing it is, you can’t really blame us. We’ve talked about pizza in almost every way we can. From the best pizza places in Michigan to the top-rated pizza places, according to Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports.

In fact, if you click this pizza link you could probably keep yourself busy all week reading about pizza. But today I want to talk about a unique situation that took place in Alaska involving 10 franchise-owned Little Caesars pizzerias. It turns out there were some owners who wanted to set out from the Michigan-based company and go on their own ventures.

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The great Alaska Pizza Company was apparently born out of little Caesars owners who wanted to go their own way, according to 24/7 Wall St.:

This Anchorage-based chain grew out of a group of 10 Little Caesars franchises that pulled out of that chain’s system and rebranded, introducing new recipes and upgrading the ingredients. There are now 11 locations around the state, serving regular, deep-dish, and stuffed-crust pizzas, with standard toppings — plus reindeer sausage — available. The specialty pies include one embellished with grilled garlic chicken, onions, and tomatoes, on a ranch dressing base, topped with a blend of mozzarella and jack cheese.

I find it awesome that Little Caesars' footprint reached all the way to Alaska, only for people to take the concept and morph it into what was right for them.

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