An intriguing match-up in the young 2021 college football season is coming on September 18 when Michigan State visits Miami. While neither team has had great on-field success, the swagger of the Hurricane program makes it a good watch.

That swag is always on display when the defense nabs the football and gets to don the Turnover Chain. This season marks the 5th iteration of the Turnover Chian which debuted in 2017.

2021 sees a new version of the chain. This one is encrusted with 2754 sapphares in the form of the schools U emblazed helmet.

Expect it to come out of the box should Michigan State lose a fumble or give up an interception.

The reveal of the 2021 Turnover Chain

Here's what this bad boy looks like:

Miami was ridiculed for the reveal of this Turnover Chain as it happened during a blow-out loss to Alabama. Worse, the chain had you be re-boxed after the officials overruled the fumble.

The Sporting News reports:

The Crimson Tide scored on their first five drives of Saturday's game, opening up a 27-0 lead over the Hurricanes. On Alabama's sixth drive, Miami safety Kamren Kinchens forced a fumble, and Gurvan Hall Jr. appeared to recover the ball. It was a rare positive moment for Manny Diaz's squad.

Kinchens then flaunted the famous turnover chain on the sideline, which was an, uh, interesting decision considering Miami was getting absolutely pummeled.

Here's the swag moment:

And here's the moment the chain had to go back into its case:

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