More than a few people got all kinds of excited when they heard that the State Of Michigan is going to reopen unlicensed marijuana dispensaries because of a pot shortage. All this at a time when cities and municipalities are holding votes to ban the sale of weed until they can determine the effects on residents and businesses.  As we found out shortly after the law was passed to legalize recreational marijuana, the ability to walk into a "store" and buy a legal amount won't even happen until 2020 at the earliest.

According to, those who are obtaining marijuana for medical reasons are having trouble filling their prescription, so to speak.  So the State Of Michigan will allow dispensaries who were forced to close due to the inability to obtain a license to reopen until March 31st.  It all comes down to any medical situation of this type: patients must have access to medicine even if it is Pot!  The question is will this lead to the possibility of purchase for anyone?  For more on this story click HERE.


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