The rivalry that is the University of Michigan vs Ohio State University (Sorry... that school from Ohio) naturally extends to Michigan vs Ohio.  Whether it's quality of life, schools, least amount of crime, you name it, Michigan always seems to have the upper hand.  See what I just did there with the "upper hand" reference.

But when it comes to drinking beer, the results are more like the recent football games between U of M and OSU.  According to, Michigan comes in at #9 and Ohio #7 in total gallons of beer consumed. However, if you look at the rest of the top 10 you'll see that the amount of beer consumed also mirrors population in each state with California at #1.  Unfortunately, Michigan doesn't fair much better when it comes to per capita consumption.  In fact, Michigan nor Ohio makes it into the top 10.  Check out the details and the rankings by clicking HERE.

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