The 3rd Toy Story sequel is Pixar's 21st feature film. What movie is the most-liked in each state? Michigan seems to be an easy choice...unless it's not.

Pixar has created the world's most first and finest computer animated films and given us beloved characters like brave sheriff Woody and the well-meaning Buzz Lightyear, Nemo and Dory, the lonely WALL-E, cocky Lightning McQueen, MIke Wizowski and his colleagues at Monsters Inc. and the first family of superheroes: the Incredibles. Can you choose a favorite? dug in to the data to determine the most-Googled Pixar movie for each state.

Shouldn't Michigan's favorite be Cars? After all, we invented the things! Does the name Henry Ford ring a bell? The Motor City? Cars 2 was the favorite in Arkansas and Kentucky loved Cars 3 but, the thing is, Cars, did not come out as #1 in any of the 50 states.

Up was a clear favorite in 17 states, including Michigan. We, like everyone else, were captivated by the enduring love story of Carl and Ellie, good scout Russel, Dug and the flying house. Brave, Inside Out and the toy stories followed in descending order of popularity and Google searches. See the entire results here.

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