Nobody has to tell us how to have fun in the winter!  Just driving in a snow storm is entertainment enough.  Nevertheless, there are publications, websites, so-called experts and the list goes on and on.  The fact that Michigan is one of the busiest states for tourism is no surprise so we shouldn't be surprised that the rest of the country either wants to know or tell us what we have to offer in the winter.

One of those is and you might say they are the voice of the rest of the country.  So what do the travel & tourism folks there think is the most affordable winter fun?  It's Grand Haven's Winterfest which starts next Thursday the 23rd.  Some of the things they point to as fun are the "Freeze 4 All" volleyball tournament, the cardboard sled build & race, a poker crawl and a hamster race.  And the good news is it's just an hour or so away from Kalamazoo.

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