You probably already knew this, but the only venomous snake in Michigan is the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake...I actually thought we had more.

This snake will not attack you but will if it's threatened...they're mostly timid snakes.

How poisonous are they?
Because of their short fangs, the amount of venom they can inject in you is small. Those people whose health is not good and children are most likely to suffer from venomous bites.

What do they look like?
Black stomach
Can reach up to 30-40 inches long
Cat-like eyes
Dark blotches with white edges
Gray or grayish brown
Head shaped like triangle
Pits between eyes and nostrils
Spots down the back and sides
Thick body

Where can they be found?
Near water
Rock crevices
Sunny spots with some shade
Swampy areas
They may also hibernate in barns and basements.

Yeah, but where in Michigan can they be found?
In recent years, these snakes have been reported in the following Michigan counties: Allegan

What do they eat?
Birds, frogs, mice, moles, shrews, other snakes, and voles. The enemy of the Massasauga are foxes, hawks, raccoons, skunks...and humans.

The Massasauga population is slowly disappearing for several reasons: the change in habitat, capturing for pets, and killing by humans. I do not advocate killing these snakes, but I do recommend avoiding them. Take a look at some photos below!

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