Whether we do it on purpose for a laugh or no one bothered to correct us, we've all sung the wrong lyrics to well-known songs. The Rocker Morning Show asked which misunderstood lyrics are your favorite, and you did not disappoint. Behold, the top 15 comments, in order of comment appearance:

  1. Grooters: "You got mud on your face, big disk-brakes..." Queen, "We Will Rock You".
  2. Reynolds: "Wooah-ohh Pecan Jam and a lighter, Don't carry me too far away..." -  Steve Miller Band
    also... "Twist and shout my way out And grab yourself a brownie 'Cause I ain't the way you found me" - Hall & Oates
  3. Berthiaume: every girls crazy bout a shot glass man
  4. Marteen: Simple Minds "I like it Kinky" instead of Alive and Kicking
  5. Gabb: Pretty much half of what James hetfield sings. However “zed patrol” instead of “sad but true”.
  6. Chorpenning: Give me free sex give me free sex sister give free sex on the floor, give free sex and youll never see me no more....Three Steps Lynyrd Skynyrd
  7. Verity: “Everyone wants to do the whores on bottom” horizontal bop
  8. Ouweleen: Slipped on a Pop Tart. Jimmy Buffet.
  9. Ashbaugh: The "Dunder Chief"
  10. Hamilton: When I first heard ‘Layla’ i thought Clapton was saying “I Hate Love”
  11. Lucas-Quirino: When I was a little kid, I thought Ted Nugent was singing, "Catch That Speed bird"
  12. Cisneros: Grease is the word. It’s got groove it’s got meaning. My version, it’s got food it’s got ladies.
  13. Courtright: Oh Sherry by Steve Perry. Actual lyrics...Should’ve been gone...
    I would sing....Cinnamon Gum...
  14. Sovereign: I'll Never Leave Your Pizza Burning...instead of I'll Never be Your Beast of Burden...
  15. Casey: Falco rock me Amadeus… as a kid in the 80's I thought they were HOT POTATOES HOT POTATOES…

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