Are you one of the fellas like me you struggle every year to find something memorable to do for Valentine's Day with you wife or girlfriend or both?  The one area of a nearly flawless existence is the fact that I'm not romantic enough to my wife/best friend as I certainly should be.  So anytime I run across a romantic idea, that I didn't have to think of, I take advantage.

The folks over at put together the list of most romantic places in every state just in time for Valentine's Day.  In California it's the Griffith Observatory and in New York it's Niagara Falls of course.  So what about Michigan?  Believe it or not the most romantic place according to them is The Victorian Garden at Frederick Meijer Gardens!  According to Travel and Leisure, the Victorian Garden is one of the most impressive parts of the property.  But would you say it's the most romantic spot in Michigan?  Hopefully SHE will!!!  Check out more from Michigan and the rest of the choices around the country by clicking HERE.


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