Race fans want to go fast and turn left any time of the year. These motorcyclists don't let Michigan Winter stop them from having a good time- studded tires, warm clothes and a need for speed are all that is necessary to tear it up.

American Motorcyclist Association Ice Racing even organizes a series of races with their championship happening the first weekend in February near Cadillac.

When nobody else is riding, some motorcyclists go ice racing. Ice racing looks like an oval dirt-track race, except it's run on ice. Ice racers also compete on GP-style courses with left and right turns. Racers modify a variety of machines to run on frozen lakes and ponds using off-road tires, often studded with hundreds of sheet-metal-style screws.

There hasn't been this much excitement in Cadillac since Kiss played homecoming in 1975. If you are crazy enough that this sounds like fun, I'm guessing you could get some practice on your bicycle most any time during our snowy Michigan Winters.


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