We can smile about this now, because everyone is ok. A seemingly minor mistake could've been so much worse, but thankfully wasn't. And the whole thing has made one Michigan State student a viral video celebrity.

The student, Abbey Trbovich, was hoping to make some hash browns. Fair enough. But she made a tiny mistake. She placed this air fryer on top of the stove burner. That would've been okay, but she accidentally turned the burner underneath it on.

@abbeytrbovich1210 firemen and one hash brown later ♬ original sound - kat

(@abbeytrbovich12 via TikTok)

As Trbovich wrote, "10 firemen and a hash brown later"...

Fire damage is always stunning at how it can take a bright shiny appliance and turn it into a mangled, melted piece of metal.

As a sign of the times, the video has had almost 600,000 like, over 27,000 shares and has garnered 6,000 plus comments.

Some of the comments will make you scratch your head. More than one person asked what model of air fryer was it. Can we agree that pretty much any air fryer will explode when place on top of a burner.

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One person did look at the bright side, saying Costco has a great return policy. Another goof asked if she'd tried putting it in rice. It's a bit surprising that this wasn't tied into the Spartans victory over Michigan, given MSU history of couch-burning.

On a more serious note, the venom on many of the posts both at the woman and at Costco is sad. It was just a dumb mistake, not the activation of a nuclear war. And the people screaming for Costco's blood; it's hard to believe there's anywhere in the instructions that recommends using the product in the way it was used.

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