Back in April, the MSU Football team revealed their new alternate jerseys. They didn't look so bad with all the photoshopping. But now they’re here and in person… for sports fans everywhere to make fun of.

A writer for MSU posted the picture on Twitter.

Between the unnecessarily large font and the highlighter/lime green color, let's just say it wasn’t great for the Spartans. Fans felt something between confusion and disgust and some of the comparisons people came up with, were pretty witty. For example,

Lime jello is now an official color of the Michigan State Spartans (@DanWolken via Twitter)


If Doublemint Gum were a football team (@StaircaseWhitt via Twitter)

And instead of the infamous catchphrase "Sparty On" people were saying "Sparty No." My personal favorite has to be the people who compared the new uniforms to Nickelodeon's green slime.

Michigan State's BTN seems to think the players love the new uniform, however, linebacker Joe Bachie's hesitance tells me otherwise. Check out the video below.

As a Sparty alum myself, I have to agree with the negative reactions. The jerseys look like they were designed by a middle school football team hyped up on Mountain Dew. But maybe that's what the Spartans were going for... distract their opponents with these new uniforms and throw them off their game. At least that's what we can tell ourselves.

MSU Football kicks off the new season on August 30 at home against Tulsa.

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