Although I am new to the airwaves of WRKR I am not new to West Michigan.  I did some radio work for nearly a decade in Grand Rapids and made my way down to Kalamazoo more than a few times. Most of those times involved a day spent Kayaking in and around the area.  With that said, I'd love to share with you my favorite spots to Kayak in Southwest Michigan.

5) Black River

Easy access and loads of accomodations make a trek on the Black River rock so enjoyable. Always clear with a lush sandy bottom, I always travel the South Branch Black River and end my trip sitting outside Admiral Jacks, sipping on a good cold IPA. So delicious after being on the water all day.

4) Kalamazoo River

For a quick trip out on the water nothing beats our own K-Zoo river.  With plenty of entry points, I love the easy access to drop and go in an instant.  At the same time the river is over a hundred miles long so having the flexibility to keep it short and sweet or challenge myself to a longer trek really rocks. I'll always love that flexibility.

3) Dowagiac River

For a little faster paced action, I like to drop into the Dowagiac River. Could be just me but I feel at times the river moves a little faster than the norm.  Maybe because I normally set down in a body of water with a little more leisurely paced action to it.  The wildlife in the scenic wetlands part of the river is in abundance, so be on your game with that camera.

2) Paw Paw River

My tree lined Paw Paw River experience was probably the most fun. At the time of my trip we came across fallen trees, floating logs and and other debris that made rounding each bend a surprise.  Also loved coming across some smaller villages that we could stop in at and explore at our leisure.

1) Lake Michigan Shoreline.

Checking out the sleepy beach towns along the sand dune shorelines is so awesome. When the water is calm you can glide effortlessly taking in all the scenery that Lake Michigan has to offer. Then, right when you think things get predictable, along comes one of those old school lighthouses. What a visual treat. Kayaking down the shoreline of Lake Michigan has exposed me to some of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. If you get a chance, take advantage of our great lakes!

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