For some, "work from home" means a nice comfortable bed to grab a cat nap between Zoom meetings. A surprising number of Michigan workers are catching 40 winks.

The number of people who work from home has increased by 140% since 2005. And those are 2018 numbers- it's sure to be higher in 2020 with so many workplaces affected by Coronavirus. Without the boss looking over their shoulder, some Michigan workers are falling down on the job...into a comfortable bed for a nap. Here's what is more shocking: with 26% of workers napping on company time, Michigan ranks 39th in the nation. In fact, at least half of remote workers in seven states admit to dozing at their desk, with 67% of North Dakotans slumbering the most. The ones you want standing watch during the night shift are in Wyoming, Vermont and Montana- all reporting 0% napping while working from home. surveyed 2,000 workers and found that while some nap right at their desk, most just climb back into bed. Napping isn't the only non-work activity taking up our time while at home, with over 50% of respondents admitting to spending time on social media, surfing the net and texting. Snack breaks and household chores also ranked high on the list and a few people admitted to "a range of bedroom activities that in the office would get you sent to HR."

Source: Zippia Napping At Work Study

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