Nearly a third of Michiganders are drinking alcohol at home during regular work hours.

In the work from home world, some rules are relaxed, but many people are taking advantage of the situation and not waiting for the end of the day for happy hour. surveyed 3,000 American workers and found that we may need an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting as much as we'll need Weight Watchers when all of this is finally over. Other interesting findings:

  • Beer is the drink of choice for workers who drink during work hours.
  • Over 1 in 3 say they are likely to drink more alcohol in isolation.
  • One fifth of respondents stockpiled alcohol for self-isolation.

Although we are nowhere near the highest rank- an incredible 67% of Hawaiians are drinking on the clock, Michigan does stand out in the Midwest. Those cheddar-heads in Wisconsin are at 32% but at 30%, Michigan is knockin' 'em back on a more regular basis than Ohio (22%), Indiana (26%) and Illinois (23%). As for how Arkansas ranked dead last at 8%, don't ask me.

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